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We would like to thank all the members that applied to sit on the following committees.

Duties of Committees and Other Appointments

1. Committees:
a) Awards Committee Executive
i) to receive names for the Awards of Merit, the 25 Years-in-One Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Special Recognition Award for the Association Rep and any other awards or new awards created by the unit
ii) to nominate individuals to the unit executive and at a unit general meeting for consideration for Provincial Life or Honorary Membership and other OECTA Awards;
iii) to prepare applicable resume(s) of nominee(s) to accompany nomination(s);
iv) to present the names of award recipients to the executive for approval.

b) Beginning Teachers Committee  
i) to coordinate an annual in-service/orientation event for beginning teachers ;
ii) to ensure that beginning teachers are provided with a copy of the Association Beginning Teacher’s Handbook;
iii) to promote the “OECTA: The Next Generation” Beginning Teachers Conference within the unit.

c) Benevolent Committee  Nicole Hearn
i) to be responsible for appropriate tributes for births, marriage, grave illness, bereavement etc. within the membership;
ii) to forward receipts to the unit treasurer for payment.

d) Communications Committee  
i) to assist the editor in the selection of scripts for publication;
ii) to publish a newsletter, Wellington Works, approximately once a month;
iii) to assist in the maintenance of the unit’s web page and Facebook Group.

e) Employee Assistance Program  Release Officers
i) to develop procedures for and implement jointly with the Board an employee assistance program;
ii) to monitor the Employee Assistance Program

f) Elementary/Secondary Schools Committee

Elementary :  Michelle Genore

Secondary :  Aaron Anstett

Both Committee Goals:
i) to identify elementary/secondary school needs and concerns;
ii) to make recommendations and reports to the unit executive;
iii) to seek approval of the unit executive on future actions;
iv) to make known the professional development needs of secondary and
elementary school teachers to the Professional Development Committee to
raise the profile of the Association among members.

g) Finance  Treasurer:  Danielle Vallesi.  Committee members:  Michelle Genore, David Del Duca, Linda DePieri
i) to make recommendations to the unit executive in regard of financial policies and procedures for the unit;
ii) to assist the unit treasurer in preparing the budget;
iii) to make recommendations regarding unit levy(s) and investments;
iv) to meet four (4) times per year as follows: September - to assist in preparing a balanced budget prior to the presentation to the unit executive and the unit general meeting; January/February - to review the financial position of the unit; April/May - to review the unit budget and to prepare for the unit AGM;  June - to review the past year and to outline plans and changes for the next financial year.

h) Human Rights Committee 
i) to assist in the development of curricula that promotes the elimination of discrimination;
ii) to prepare and provide workshops on various topics related to human rights and equity issues;
iii) to make recommendation to negotiating committee through the unit executive;
iv) to be knowledgeable about current legislation pertaining to human rights, and be prepared to assist the unit and board to follow the requirements of the legislation.

i) Legislation Committee Peter Martin, David Del Duca
i) to study and report on all matters that pertain to the unit by-laws and procedures. It shall be responsible for submitting such matters to the unit executive for approval prior to presentation at unit general meetings;
ii) to receive all resolutions submitted from the schools, unit executive, or individuals;
iii) to present resolutions to the provincial office at the first unit general meeting of each year. Such resolutions must be received by and must be approved by the membership at the unit general meeting.
iv) The committee shall be empowered to:
- read, analyze, clarify, reword and combine resolutions;
- return to sponsors resolutions requiring clarification;
- return to sponsors resolutions which are presently OECTA or OTF policy;
- refer to appropriate committees for recommendations requiring study or local action.

j) Occasional Teachers' Committee  Peter Martin
i) to inform the executive about needs of occasional teachers.

k) Personnel Committee    
i) to make recommendations concerning the office staff, their engagement and dismissal, to the unit executive;
ii) to make recommendations concerning the salary and working conditions of the office staff to the unit executive;
iii) to make recommendations to the unit executive regarding working conditions and compensation of members on leaves of absence to work for the local unit;
iv) to make recommendations on other personnel matters, as requested by the unit executive.

l) Political Action Committee David Del Duca
i) to provide programs or activities as needed for teachers' views to be expressed to government locally;
ii) to be informed about political developments pertaining to education.

Mark and Tim are delegates to the Guelph District Labour Council.

m) Professional Development  

i) to provide a program of professional development for teachers of the unit based on the needs and interests of the membership;
ii) to present the budget request to the finance committee which includes expenses and income in cases where funds may be forthcoming (e.g. registration fees);
iii) to recommend to the unit executive a plan of the number of activities, topics, dates and speakers for the year;
iv) to allocate funds for individual professional development as determined by criteria approved by the unit executive.

(Some units provide for individual members in addition to the "one per unit" provincial funds for attendance at provincial conferences or for attendance at other conferences.)

n) Annual In-Appreciation Banquet;    Michelle Genore, Danielle Vallesi, Valerie Gudmundson, Nicole Hearn
i) to plan and organize a function to honour the Association members who:
- retire each year
- receive Unit awards as defined in Section 9 a) i).

o) Social Committee 
i) to be responsible for social activities within the unit;
ii) to present to the unit executive a detailed financial statement for each event.

Nominations Committee    Mark Berardine

Status of Women Committee  


IDEA (inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility) Committee:  Chair:  Ken Chamberland (Equity Officer)

Adhoc OECTA Tech Committee